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Monday, 29 October 2012


Actually I watched this movie on 17th Oct...'am posting late. So don't mind please.

Dir: Anurag Basu                                                                                    Anand Theatre, Kottayam
Actors: RK, Ileana D' Cruz, PC                                                             1:45 p.m. show, 70 Rs ticket(Gold)
Budget: 30 crores                                                                                  17th Oct, 2012.
Release Date: 14th Sept 2012

I was dying to watch this movie. And then I got to know it's not releasing in our place, nor anywhere near us...only released in TVM and Ernakulam( Gosh...I totally felt like I live in Timbuktu). I consoled my heart saddened by the bad news saying I'll watch it on Tele when it's premiered. But my good luck seems to be very strong. Today morning I just flipped through the pages of The Hindu(which is quite unusual acc. to my Achan/Dad) and suddenly the cinema section caught my eyes...and Eureka! (actually that's how I really felt)...Barfi! is playing in Anand, Kottayam, 4 shows. I was super excited and pataoed my Pappa for taking us all for the movie. He agreed on fearing that my tonsils will explode due to the crying and begging...and we started from home. The whole 45 min journey in the car was full of anticipation and excitement(and deadly stares from my Pappa too but i cud care less- it's Barfi! I am going to watch...YAY!!!). 

And then I entered the theatre. The plush red velvety seats and dim light added to my excitement. The movie began and I don't remember how long or short the movie was i lost the track of time...glued to the screen. It was one of the best movie experiences I've had in my life. The movie was beautiful...fresh...and was happy and sad...but it was just perfect. Ranbir was so convincing as the crazy and beautiful hearted Barfi.

The photography and picturisation was brilliant and beautiful. Ileana looked gaw...jess and classy. Ranbir was brilliant and true to the character. PC played the role of Jhilmil with great conviction. But Ranbir and Ileana stole the show for me. 

I had tears in my eyes while watching some scenes and then I also laughed at many. And when I came out of the theatre I felt like a changed person(honestly it lasted only till i dozed off to sleep...but then u can ignore it...cuz it's me...and i am brain dead...kidding!!). The flavour of Barfi stuck with me. And I don't think it's gonna leave me in this life(I love Kaju Barfi...just F.Y.I).I don't care if the Director lifted scenes from other movies or not, I just know one thing this movie will always remain in my heart as a beautiful story of three beautiful people with beautiful hearts...that teaches you to live the life the Barfi ishtyle.

Don't worry be Barfi!!


P.S: The movie is India's official entry into the Best Foreign Language category for the 85th Academy awards in Feb 2013. Hope it wins...cuz it's really a good movie.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Angels and Demons

RIP Baby

When babies are born, the world rejoices, for they are the angels from heaven. And then they are butchered by demons. 

We pay our condolences, mourn a bit, write elegies and that's it. We forget them, bury the uncomfortable truth, and get on with our lives. We all are the same...afraid of bitter truths, cowards to the core. We can sacrifice our lives for religion, for our caste, for all silly things...but we can't save little babies. 
I don't think this is the work of the father. This is some sort of a chain action...first baby Falak, then Afreen...same head injury, bite marks. This has got to be more than a co-incidence. There should be a proper investigation to find out the real culprits. These baby killers should be hunted down, but then there are no angels here.  

But someone will have to stand up. Let those who still have faith in the real human spirit stand up and fight, not just for the murdered baby angels but for a better world where there are no BREAKING NEWS and BREAKING SOULS but only love and compassion. 

They'll be called insane, but atleast they'll have a soul.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Pathetic State of Affairs

We all are proud of being Indians. But, it's visible only when India lifts a cricket world cup or some movie star breaks records. Rest of the times we are silent spectators. Since a few days a huge spectacle has been created on News channels about the tiff between the Army chief and the government. It's totally unfortunate and shameful for us Indians at a time when the world is looking at us as an emerging super power, and the BRICS summit is going on. But, we Indians don't care as it's got no celebrities, no masala. 

Politicians made a huge hue and cry over team Anna calling them thugs and criminals. They want the Army Chief to be sacked, for what? For bringing the rotten state of affairs in the MoD, in the government, in full public view. Politicians like 'Lalu' were demanding his sacking which is so ironical.

There are people who treat Kasab with dignity and want to give him all fair chances. And the Chief of the Army (commanding the pride of our nation) is treated like he is a terrorist. The only thing he has done is, be true to his duties and bring out the rot in the daylight. If he is concerned at the poor state of weapons and technology in Army, courtesy the incompetent government, should he be attacked right, left, and centre. Is this how we treat an honest officer? In our country someone like Raja Bhaiyya is voted to power and a gentleman like General V K Singh is treated like a liar and traitor. It leaves a commoner like me in confusion and in shock over what is right and what is wrong?

Honesty must triumph, and it's high time we Indians realise our duties not just as a cricket crazy nation but also as responsible citizens of this great country. We must act before we lose even the right to call ourselves Indians.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Copy writing ka Chaska!!

Why the hell did I sacrifice so many years for my PG and NET? Was it for nothing? Just to find myself lost, gulping at my state of incompetence at making decisions.
 I just can't find myself sticking to one field. I am supposed to choose one career or the other. But why this kolaveri...confusionary di???
College Professor or Copy writer or just a no body/ a loser.
Yaar...need to consult a psychiartist...if there's any such person, which I doubt.
Dekhte hain, what happens next...
I know what i need...a good, comfy bed to snore my lungs out till it's bloody morning. And a refreshed brain can think better than this nonsense which i am typing in sleep.

Saturday, 3 March 2012


             I totally and completely forgot about having a blog to write...when I was sinking in a clutter called life.
I don't want to sound like a big black hole of pessimism. I guess this is a phase. I am not a 26 and therefore don't know what to call this phase...Is it post teenage/ climbing a rocking boat called "NO EMPLOYMENT" phase?
Whatever it's called, I am going to survive it and row my boat to my sacrifice...nothing doing for that.

I was reading Truman Capote's bestseller Breakfast at Tiffany's...I've maintained my patience till pg 50...but nothing clicks or excites me in it. I guess it's too early to judge it. Probably my taste is a bit fantastic and imaginary...not utopian but still full of that childish passion...when you think everything is possible and nice.

Golly, I no longer know what am typing anymore. This syndrome is really killing the genius ( don't laugh) of writer in muah. Where is my imagination stimulator tonic? (Lemonade in plain English...hey is that English...Now I surely doubt the credibility of the university to have bestowed the passing marks upon me...WTH?)

Alright...I've forgotten how to type o what???
Before I go insane and break my own head...

I have lost something called confidence but I'll find it...there's no choice...I have to!!! I think I already have found it. Feels good.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Writer's Block

I've been trying hard to finish the chapters of my story...but somehow I always get stuck at one part or the other...very frustrating, I completely lose my momentum. The most frustrating part is the vocabulary, my vocab is pathetic. I am feeling so ashamed to call myself a Post Graduate in English Lit. Better get on readin some books, it's all cuz of my lack of reading. So books here I come!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Revolution...

I pledge my support to the movement triggered by Shri Anna Hazare...What no one dared to do, he did. His efforts must not go in waste. It's a very proud feeling to see so many youth joining the cause...he's an inspiration. The government should take immediate steps to bring an anti-corruption bill. Why so much fuss?
Afraid of the skeletons in the closet...It's high time and we must all support this movement, it is for our future, for our country.

Jai Hind!!