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Saturday, 3 March 2012


             I totally and completely forgot about having a blog to write...when I was sinking in a clutter called life.
I don't want to sound like a big black hole of pessimism. I guess this is a phase. I am not a 26 and therefore don't know what to call this phase...Is it post teenage/ climbing a rocking boat called "NO EMPLOYMENT" phase?
Whatever it's called, I am going to survive it and row my boat to my sacrifice...nothing doing for that.

I was reading Truman Capote's bestseller Breakfast at Tiffany's...I've maintained my patience till pg 50...but nothing clicks or excites me in it. I guess it's too early to judge it. Probably my taste is a bit fantastic and imaginary...not utopian but still full of that childish passion...when you think everything is possible and nice.

Golly, I no longer know what am typing anymore. This syndrome is really killing the genius ( don't laugh) of writer in muah. Where is my imagination stimulator tonic? (Lemonade in plain English...hey is that English...Now I surely doubt the credibility of the university to have bestowed the passing marks upon me...WTH?)

Alright...I've forgotten how to type o what???
Before I go insane and break my own head...

I have lost something called confidence but I'll find it...there's no choice...I have to!!! I think I already have found it. Feels good.


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