Sunday, 10 April 2011

Writer's Block

I've been trying hard to finish the chapters of my story...but somehow I always get stuck at one part or the other...very frustrating, I completely lose my momentum. The most frustrating part is the vocabulary, my vocab is pathetic. I am feeling so ashamed to call myself a Post Graduate in English Lit. Better get on readin some books, it's all cuz of my lack of reading. So books here I come!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Revolution...

I pledge my support to the movement triggered by Shri Anna Hazare...What no one dared to do, he did. His efforts must not go in waste. It's a very proud feeling to see so many youth joining the cause...he's an inspiration. The government should take immediate steps to bring an anti-corruption bill. Why so much fuss?
Afraid of the skeletons in the closet...It's high time and we must all support this movement, it is for our future, for our country.

Jai Hind!!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

And We've Conquered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After so many years of wait we finally conquer the Cricket World Cup...and it feels ecstatic. It was a real thrilling match...infinite times exciting than the semi-final cuz the Lankans played real well...and the competition was tough, but we won and that makes all the difference...More than one billion prayers...God had to answer in a positive...Thank you God........And Dhoni was awesome!!!!!!!!!! I guess if he's made the captain of Indian Hockey or any other sport he'll give victories then also...He's incredible...

Goof up: The toss was really bonkers...Anyways we won the match so no complains and can't say therefore that it was a total loss...our luck was in bowling first...

Celebrations: O Golly...People on bikes, in cars, on roofs, road, streets, alleys waving the tri colour, the way the celebrations erupted was words...simply crazy...overwhelming...we should continue this spirit for all other sports aswell. India on top of the world every where!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little-Master: I've never seen a more humbler man than the great legend of Cricket...the little master blaster...God of Cricket...Sachin Tendulkar...His dream came true yesterday in Wankhede Stadium...and a truly deserving dedication of the victory to him by the whole team.

Dhoni: Played like a true inspiration really!!!

Yuvraj: Got finally what he deserved.

Noodles: I was glued to Mallinga bizarre locks of hair...I was so tensed every time I saw his bobbling hair like noodles boiling in  water that i felt like trimming the noodles down. Why does he bowl like he is throwing some bombs?...he could do wonders if he joins the Army...

India has won the ICC World Cup 2011 and we Indians are going crazy with joy and pride......

P.S: The coach Gary Kirsten too deserves shabashi...Congrats Team India!!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

India Wins the Semi final match

O golly, what a match it was. I was on the edge of my seat all the time, except when the Pakistani wickets began to fall, then it was obvious that the victory is going to be ours. I was so overwhelmed with crazy excitement that I was shouting in the middle of the night, jumping on the sofa. India won and it feels like heaven, I really hope the diplomacy doesn't spoil the fun. Who asked them to creep in between, boring and dangerous politics.
I just don't care what happens...cuz India won...Yipeeee...I fell like Flintstone already.

Lanka Watch for India cuz we are going to conquer the world cup!!

Spotted: So many stars were screeching and shouting in the stands. Gurmeet and Drashti ( Maan and Geet of the Star One show Geet) were also spotted watching the match...Amir Khan with a mustache, it's becoming a trend in Bollywood I guess...all leading stars are sporting weird mustaches...teri munch meri munch se lambi kaise...But Salman in Chulbul Pandey beats all.

Hilarious: was really funny to watch people hovering over Sonia and Rahul Gandhi...and they were clicking pics of them as if they were in a zoo.

Bad Luck Pakistan, better luck next time, till then enjoy our hospitality and our big heart...India Rocks!!!

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My First Post (30-03-2011)

Feels great to have an online journal where I can share my posts. Today is going to be a great fun day cuz there is a cricket match between the age old rivals India and Pakistan starting @ 2:30 p.m.. Who in their right sense would miss it? Got all my cousins ready for the screaming and cheering. We'll have a blast today. India is gonna win the world cup, says my instinct and my patriotic spirit.
Everywhere people are only thinking about the match. I hope it's not as serious as a war or hell will break lose. Who cares? India is gonna win anyway....