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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Angels and Demons

RIP Baby

When babies are born, the world rejoices, for they are the angels from heaven. And then they are butchered by demons. 

We pay our condolences, mourn a bit, write elegies and that's it. We forget them, bury the uncomfortable truth, and get on with our lives. We all are the same...afraid of bitter truths, cowards to the core. We can sacrifice our lives for religion, for our caste, for all silly things...but we can't save little babies. 
I don't think this is the work of the father. This is some sort of a chain action...first baby Falak, then Afreen...same head injury, bite marks. This has got to be more than a co-incidence. There should be a proper investigation to find out the real culprits. These baby killers should be hunted down, but then there are no angels here.  

But someone will have to stand up. Let those who still have faith in the real human spirit stand up and fight, not just for the murdered baby angels but for a better world where there are no BREAKING NEWS and BREAKING SOULS but only love and compassion. 

They'll be called insane, but atleast they'll have a soul.

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